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Common Mistakes when Shopping for a Wedding Dress

Posted by on Aug 17, 2016

Getting married is something to look forward to in the next couple of months. Planning for your wedding is considered to be very crucial and at the same time exciting because you will be doing wedding errands like going to a florist, having your wedding invitation prepared and ready, reception for RSVP, your dream wedding ceremony either at a church or a destination type of wedding. Indeed there are more to prepare and you have to make sure that everything is balance when it comes to implementing all what you have planned.

The wedding dress is the most important thing that could ever happen in a wedding. The moment you are going to walk down that red carpet and looking at your soon to be husband is one moment that you will never miss out on. As your husband remembers you walking in that isle gracefully surely he has so many things to say with the wedding gown that you were wearing. This is the kind of an unforgettable experience wherein a beautiful wedding is making history in the lives of yours and your families.

To make things more memorable of course you do not want anything bad to happened on your wedding day. In order for you to have the best wedding ever in your life, seeking for assistance when it comes to designing wedding dresses you have to contact wedding designers like at it is important that you and your bridal entourage are able to have scheduled fittings of gowns and tuxedos in a trusted bridal shop like at For you to avoid further mistakes when you are going out shopping for wedding dresses, here are a few examples of common mistakes done by most soon to be brides.

pexels-photo-28658-largeShopping to early- if you are planning to have the wedding one year after the engagement proposal, it would be best for you to not go shopping first. Yes there is the excitement but you need to settle first like your budget and your plans how you want your wedding to happen.

Fitting to many dresses- the problem with trying on with too many dresses is that it will make you confuse in the long run simply because with so many designs and styles you will be caught in between which type of wedding dress are you going for.

Swayed by discounts – as you go shopping for anything that is In relation to the wedding, tendency is that you end up buying while it is not yet time until there is a decision made. As much as possible do not buy anything that you and your soon to be husband has not settled anything.

The wrong size of the wedding dress- this is the worse part that could happen. It is important that you and your entourage should follow strictly the scheduled that is made for you by your designer. This what happens if gowns are not fitted properly especially if you are planning to loose weight for your big day. Make sure that everything is balanced and nothing is too advanced or left behind.

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Trendsetting Wedding Dresses that you’re going to Love

Posted by on Aug 17, 2016

Weddings are always a tradition. This means that everything that surrounds weddings depends on the culture and tradition of every couple that is to be wed. Understanding the value of tradition means that you have gain respect the type of wedding that is going to happen. Embracing perhaps the culture of your “soon to be husband” makes you become a part of the tradition that they believe in. Today, the modern setting of weddings has been tweaked a little bit because of the trend of mix and match such as mixing the tradition and culture as to how modern the things are nowadays.

Planning for a wedding is not as easy as counting 1-2-3. You have to go through a lot of testing and this could be very stressful, as you may know it. The outcome of the wedding depends on the plans that you have made and be sure that you have laid out your plans well to avoid any misunderstandings. Every step that you make in implementing your plans are all critical. Always have a plan B. Sticking to your first choice may not have a good result as you may not always know any hindrances. So to avoid any slowing of work, you must have at least five plans for each step of the way.

Just like any other plans, wedding dresses like at is the big thing for a wedding. It reflects as an impression to people whom you have invited. The bride and the groom are the stars in a wedding, and depending on how they have embraced each other’s tradition is going to be the event that they’re going to experience all at the same time. To begin with, looking for a wedding dress that will trend set the entire entourage brings a unique ensemble. Be it contemporary, vintage or traditional the choice falls shortly in you. The advantage of a trendy wedding dress is that you have exposed your creativity towards the design and style that not everyone has ever worn.


The ideal trend setting gowns has made more wedding dress designers to incorporate styles that features details of various hues and an eye catching collections of silhouettes. Traditionally, wedding dresses should always be in white as this signifies purity. As the world changes, so is the trend of wedding fashion has changed as well. This is because of what has set as a trend by most wedding fashion designers which gave an idea for most women especially those who are into fashion to have their own style and design. Although there are wedding dresses that are also trendy that you can find at bridal shops, you can always choose to either rent or purchase the wedding dress that suits your style.

Being trendy is not a bad thing as this customizes the type of wedding that you want to happen. The difference between a trendy wedding and a traditional wedding is that with traditional you have to stick to what has been done throughout the ages through the inspiration of the culture and tradition while on the other hand, trendy and modernized wedding type of style gives the couple a sense of creativity as to the kind of wedding customized. For more details see

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5 Tips on How to Become A Wedding Planner

Posted by on Aug 17, 2016

 You know that you are going to be busy with all the wedding preparations and you need to take a break from this. In time like these, you need to prepare months or a year before a wedding. This kind of event challenges and excites the couple in preparing for their wedding. So why not hire a wedding planner instead? This will make things easy and light for you. These will lessen your burden and you can even work on other important things aside from your wedding. You can always take a break and go back to your wedding preparations now that you have a wedding planner.

Wedding planners are always there, ready to give their service. This is the most in demanding kind of service during the months of June and July which is the wedding month. Becoming a wedding planner takes a lot of time and effort. That is why you need to hire these wedding planners because they know what to do since they already have trainings attended. Nowadays there are already courses in Universities that offer this kind of course, being a wedding planner. So it is really not easy to handle this kind of profession because you already need to study this in school. There are already techniques and more trainings and exposures offered in this kind of course. So how do you become a wedding planner? Here are 5 tips on how to become the best wedding planner you can be.

  1. You need to have passion for being creative in things related to weddings. You need to have passion on helping couples make their dream wedding come true. You need to have that passion for the rest of your career in order to be the best professional wedding planner.
  2. You need to have the time. The time to take care of the necessary things for the bride and groom. You should focus on your career being a wedding planner and no more jobs aside from this. Being a wedding planner means you need to be dedicated in your field of work.
  3. You need to have the right technology, which are the laptop, smartphone or anything that can communicate you with your clients Also it can help you do research for your kind of profession which you are able to browse and research online.
  4. You are able to create new things for your clients. Creativity is one of the best things that most clients are after. The couple needs to be assured that there are unique things that can be added to their wedding and this is not the same as the other clients you have.
  5. Present something worthwhile. Something that can attract and convince the couple to seek your service. You need to be a professional wedding planner in order to work in this field. Which means you need to present some certificate, trainings and pictures of your previous clients to how you have given service?


Wedding planning is really a challenging job. You need to have the passion, time and effort to make your clients happy and satisfied. Also this will be your ticket to have more clients in the future because they will be able to recommend you to their friends.  To know more about what wedding planners do check out for more information.

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What Could Go Wrong on my Wedding Day?

Posted by on Aug 17, 2016

When months of planning and stressful nights trying to decide on tiny elements that make up the big day starts to conclude a few days before impact, you start to wonder on possibilities. This is a good practice because simulating worst case scenarios will enable you to prepare yourself mentally to deal with the situation if it occurs. Wedding planners at understand the level of stress experienced by their clients as the wedding approaches can lead them to asking many questions about what could possibly go wrong. Here are the experts’ answer to the question and the proposed contingency plans to deal with them.

Bad Weather on an Open Venue

You can be the most dominant bride-zilla taking control on everything you can but you can never control the weather. If the forecast on the day says a storm will hit, not even a million dollars worth of cloud breakers can stop the skies from going dark. Some clients refuse to have a plan B because they are certain that the weather will cooperate. Expert wedding planners would agree with their clients, but will surely have something brewing behind them to deal with the catastrophe when it strikes.

Where the Fudge is the Garter?

Part of most western wedding tradition is for the groom to retrieve the bridal garter and use it as a subject for a game to determine a pseudo bride and groom who will re-enact critical parts of the wedding. Well it is also the most commonly forgotten pieces for the bride to put on. Wedding planners are used to dealing with this type of mishap and can surely improvise another way to identify the lucky male from the pact of wolves.

The Growing or Shrinking Ring


It takes a lot of force and a lot of heat to change the circumference and shape of the rings if they are made of gold or silver, but it only takes a few stressful nights for you to lose or put on some weight. You may not have noticed it, but your fingers may have put on an extra centimeter. As an on the spot solution, simply play as if it was put on the right finger, but find another where you can comfortably secure it.

Someone has to be Late

Even if you specify in your invitation the time when the event will start there will be that one person you need to wait on. More often than not the bride and the groom are the most punctual participants of the entourage, according to but you cannot start without the best man or the chauffeur who will drive the bridal car. Key players that go on MIA can cause a lot of trouble, but if your wedding planner is smart, he or she would’ve kept all the contact numbers in her phone book and has suggested replacements lined up.

Many things can go out of plan on the day of the wedding that will surely scare you. How you deal with these mishaps though can create the most amazing memories you would love to tell your children on warm summer night.

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